„New Normality“ (NN) starting May 1, 2020


After Schnauzerl had to stay in a „resting mode“ for some time due to  the circumstances we are happy to announce that all dogs and cats will be looked after again .

My dogs in Schnauzerl Hotel

Food   -   water -  cleanliness !   My dog hotel  is much more than this.  The following message makes it clear that you must love the task of managing a dog hotel in order to be able to do the job permanently.


As soon as the animal owner  entrusts his pet to me, I regard it as if it were my own. Therefore I may refer to the hotel  guests  as “my”  dogs in the following article.  Of course they are only MINE during their stay.

Dog collars in animal boarding

Starting  in   January / February 2019 I will make a „test run“, this means that a good collar free of charge will be given to the animals wearing a non-suitable collar.
It will be interesting for me to know the reactions of my customers.  How many talks/argumentations will there be?  After this period of time I might just be saying: „This is the way we handle it = STANDARD UNIFORM.“