Reception conditions

At SCHNAUZERL Hotel dogs as well as cats of all races, age and health condition will be accepted. Besides rooms for groups we have quarantine and illness wards.


  • Dogs and cats must be vaccinated according to the regulations.   Animals which are not sufficiently vaccinated will get the necessary vaccination by the veterinarian (extra charge).  Without this vaccination these animals must be kept separately – otherwise reception will be refused.  Vaccinations must not be older than 1 year and have to be recorded in a vaccination card.  This vaccination certificate has to be deposited.
  • We take care of well-groomed animals.  In case the fur needs embellishment urgently we have a trained hairdresser for dogs close by.
  • In case the animal is in heat, is infested by parasites or if any other health problems exist we have to be informed before or at the start of the stay in the hotel.
  • The full stay is paid in advance.

It would be nice to introduce the dog before the first visit. During the opening hours you can visit with a date. Then the SCHNAUZERL can take a look at the dog - the dog has already nibbled the caregivers - and - the animal owner has seen the beautiful area.



Things to bring along for dogs:

  • record of vaccination:  will be deposited with SCHNAUZERL Hotel during the stay
  • dog collar:  well-fitting (NO chain, NO harness)
  • distinguishing mark: badge fastened at dog collar with name of animal (NO tubes)
  • Advance Payment: total in cash by arrival

  • possibly special food

  • possibly medicaments 


Things to bring along for cats:

  • Vaccination card: will be deposited in the SCHNAUZERL during the stay
  • Transport box: One box per cat (no bag - no bast basket)
  • Advance Payment: total in cash by arrival

  • possibly special food