A - Z

Of course extra wishes will be fulfilled:  according to the motto “There is nothing impossible” we try to fulfill all wishes of the animal owner.


Bathing:  A SCHNAUZERL-bath is not only a blessing for your dog but it will save your nerves and be easy on your bathroom.  A well-trained staff will take good care of your pet.  Of course only special dog shampoos will be used which are adjusted to the respective type of fur.


Belated pick-up: Of course it is possible that an airplane is delayed or that a hospital stay will last longer than expected.  Please give us a call in case you are unable to come.


Check-in and out: During our opening hours two qualified persons will always be present.  Please understand that bringing or picking up will not be possible at other times without previous special arrangement.


Deworming:   If deworming is necessary this will be done automatically at SCHNAUZERL Hotel.


Giving of medicaments:  In case your animal needs some medicaments please bring along instructions on how to administer them.


Health: Besides a quarantine and place for ill animals SCHNAUZERL Hotel possesses an own area for the veterinarian to guarantee constant supervision of conspicuous animals.  The quarantine and illness station have a sluice and have an own run without any steps. This part  is hermetically separated.


Pick-up  and/or  bringing back: SCHNAUZERL-Shuttle will pick up your pet reliably, safely and fast and you can make your travel arrangements very calmly.  Each vehicle provides enough space and there is heating, ventilation, music and air-conditioning.  The drivers are reliable and like animals, they are used to having animals as their guests and are very experienced in handling domestic animals of all kinds.  In case of difficult animals an additional person will accompany the driver.


Puppies:  At SCHNAUZERL Hotel we have seen births and subsequently the mother-dogs have spent the first weeks with their puppies in our house.  In this case a special price will of course be calculated.


Room temperature: In case your domestic animal needs higher temperatures there are heat lamps and day-lighting facilities available.


Separate room: If your dog does not get along well with other dogs it is possible at SCHNAUZERL Hotel to keep him separately.  Please let us know when making reservation.


Taking care of the fur:  SCHNAUZERL Hotel   employs trained dog-hairdressers.  During the stay care of the fur can be booked additionally (trim, remove under wool, bathing, cutting claws, etc.).  Please ask for current special offers.


Vermin: SCHNAUZERL Hotel is proud that no animal with fleas ever left the house. Before the animals are integrated into the group, a health and fur check is made.


Walk: There is plenty of motion for the dogs in their groups at SCHNAUZERL Hotel.  If you want your dog to be lead on a leash  - besides running in a group- you are welcome to book this additionally.