Dog hotel


The SCHNAUZERL hotel is the best dog hotel in Salzburg. The specialty is that no kennels are being used. The spacious house is equipped with several rooms which have been designed to accommodate dogs in groups.


The arrangement of the pack into separate play-groups is most important, only dogs that get along well with others should live together.  To create this  harmony  the packs are being placed with utmost care, we possess years of experience.


Special friends of the  quadruped are being noted in a list of customers.  When given in our care repeatedly there should be the possibility to meet again.  For dogs that do not easily get along with others several separate rooms are available which will require an extra charge.


During the day the guests of the hotel live together constantly   and they can play with their conspecifics   to their heart’s content in the large area.  At night all dogs sleep together in the interior which is heated.  The rooms for the groups have a floor-heating with different climate zones and there are dog baskets, blankets and rugs, so each guest can “choose” if he prefers a cooler or a warmer place.  Hygiene is an important factor at SCHNAUZERL.  It is almost odorless.


The outside areas are fenced-in as required (2,40 meters high), cranked to the inside, foundations go down 80 centimeters and there is much space for free run.  Altogether SCHNAUZERL possesses on its own property four large runs for dogs, two runs for quarantine, a green playground and a large run for sport activities.  Altogether there is a free area of 3.000 square meters at its disposal.


Lack of light can have a negative influence on the animals, therefore lighting has been installed which is convenient for the animals.  The interior as well as the outside areas have been equipped with soft lighting which is pleasant to the eyes.  Importance has been attached   to  create  a natural luminous intensity.


Our guests are never bored.  Besides care (bathing, brushing…) the dogs are being occupied in the different rooms and runs of the groups.  Furthermore the employees of SCHNAUZERL Hotel   will play with them  and train them in the spacious area.


But not only bathing for pure hygiene is provided by SCHNAUZERL.  Trips to the nearby Wallersee or directly to the brook can be made with the hotel guests  if desired.   People who have not seen it before can hardly imagine how much the animals enjoy this natural bath without chlorine and other chemical substances.


After checking in the dogs will receive a free health check.  The entire state of health of the hotel guest will be checked and documented if necessary.  All important data will be registered in the SCHNAUZERL files .  Individual feedings and giving of medicaments will be written down and will be carried out accordingly.  Peculiarities of the animal as well as  wishes of the  owner will be observed.


Each room for the groups at SCHNAUZERL Hotel can be looked into, therefore it is possible to recognize immediately if a “lapse or misbehavior” of a guest occurs.  Since the PIEPER family lives in this house too, the human contact to the “wolves” is guaranteed.


Pictures, a TV-set, curtains as well as musical background round off the personal appearance of the  SCHNAUZERL Hotel and create a comfortable atmosphere for humans and animals.