Cat hotel

Single rooms and rooms for groups are available for the pets with the velvety paws.


In the hotel for cats there are at least three different levels in each room from where the guests of the hotel can communicate from top to bottom or the other way round.  In these rooms of adventure cats will find everything to make their heart beat faster.


The specialty at SCHNAUZERL Hotel is the imaginative furnishing of the cat rooms with facilities for scratching, jumping and climbing.  Very much sought after are the spacious places in the sun in front of the glass windows or doors.  From here everything can be watched that is going on around the hotel and the fields and meadows can be seen up to a far distance.  And all this is possible while being in the fresh air.


At nights the cats will sleep in their clean warm cat baskets or –holes.  Needless to say that these rooms will be heated if necessary.  They do not have to be sterile but must have well-washable floors and sleeping places.


The rooms are furnished with cat-trees, sleeping-holes, raised places to lay down, toys of all kinds, window-places, water-bowls and cat-trays.  It goes without saying that daily efficient cleaning will be done in SCHNAUZERL Hotel – and of course a few units of cuddling are included.