In case you have any questions regarding our general terms of business or for further information please write to info@schnauzerl.at or use our contact form.


1. Reception and return:  Reception and return of the animal in the private hotel is possible by appointment during the opening times. Arrivals and departures outside this time are only by appointment at an additional cost. Animals will be accepted by telephonic or written appointment.  It is expressly provided that the information given by the owner of the animal must be true. Return of the animal will be agreed upon when we receive it.  When making a definite reservation for animals in the private hotel the half amount must be paid in advance.


2. Accommodation: In principle the animal will be kept in the room it has been assigned to for the duration of its stay.  SCHNAUZERL will be free to transfer the animal into another room (e.g.  if a dog does not get along with another one, shows aggressive behavior, is picked up at a later time etc.).  In the interest of the animals and for veterinarian-medical reasons owners (or relatives) must be refrained from visiting the accommodated animals.  In case an animal has to be kept separately this will be charged extra according to the price-list.  Normal food is included in the price.  Should some special food be necessary (e.g. puppy, diet, animal in a cage etc.) this should be provided by the owner otherwise it will be charged.


3. Health: The record of vaccination has to be handed over and will be returned when the animal is picked up.  The animal will be examined in regards of its health and care condition and will be treated if necessary.  Animals without the required vaccinations or animals which are obviously sick will be kept temporarily in our quarantine station and are only allowed to be accommodated together with other animals   after having been examined by a veterinarian.  It is up to SCHNAUZERL to contact a veterinarian to decide for the well-being of the animal.  The owner of the animal has to bear the costs for a necessary and advisable examination and treatment.  Veterinarian treatment- or medical expenses as well as costs for diet will be charged separately. 


4. Collars / distinguishing features: Due to the danger of injuring the dogs in SCHNAUZERL wear collars (no chains and harnesses) with a tag on which the name of the animal is readable (no address-tube).  If it not possible for some kinds of animals it can be done without.


5. Clearing: The stay has to be paid for completely in advance.  Day of arrival as well as day of departure will each be charged as a full day.  The animals will be returned only after full payment of the bill without exception.  The prices of the private hotel will always be fixed when accepting the animal per calendar day and include: care and handling of the animal, realization of veterinary-hygienic measures and normal food.


6. Pick-up: In principle the animal will be returned only to the party of the agreement.  Special agreements need to be written down.  In case the animal is not picked up at the time that was agreed upon the stay will automatically be prolonged and the price which was agreed upon will be charged.  In case an animal stays in the private hotel for more that 14 days without payment, it can pass into the possession of SCHNAUZERL   after a written reminder and another 14-day deadline.  If an animal is not being picked up within 14 days and the owner does not answer or refuses to take back the animal SCHNAUZERL is authorized to look for   another   custody of the animal   at the expense of the owner.  No liability will be accepted.  The owner   is obligated to carry the costs which have arisen for not picking up the animal.


7. Deadline for cancellation: Unless otherwise confirmed in the reservation confirmation, the following cancellation conditions apply: for cancellations up to 2 month before the day of arrival: € 25,00 / for cancellations up to 1 month before the day of arrival: 50% of the gross price / for cancellations up to 1 week before the day of arrival: 70% of the gross price / for cancellations during the week before the day of arrival, in the event of no-show, cancellation on the day of arrival or early pick-up: 100% of the gross price. The cancellation conditions also apply if the animal is not looked after by SCHNAUZERL due to incorrect information provided by the owner about the animal. When making a reservation, you must always ensure that any abnormalities of the animal are correctly and accurately stated. Otherwise, SCHNAUZERL may refuse to look after the animal. The gross price includes animal board plus booked additional services (grooming, school, shuttle, walks, individual housing). The cancellation fee will be charged immediately after the cancellation and will be retained from any down payments, excess amounts will be transferred back to the account details provided at the expense of the contractual partner or will be paid cash. 


8. Complaints: The owner of the animal commits to report any complaints in writing and to present the animal in SCHNAUZERL Hotel.  SCHNAUZERL  cannot be made liable for any unwanted pregnancy.  For articles that have been brought along no liability will be accepted.  The animals which are in our private hotel will receive the highest custody, for eventual unforeseeable incidents however no guarantee can be taken.  Treatment by a veterinarian upon choice of the animal owner with SCHNAUZERL carrying the costs can only be made after previous written arrangement with SCHNAUZERL and in any case only up to the maximum demand which does not exceed half of the price charged by the private hotel.


9. In case of death:  SCHNAUZERL cannot accept liability for death of an animal during care in its facilities.   Should death of the animal occur the corpse will be picked up from the company Ruhe & Frieden GmbH, 5301 Eugendorf (Rest & Peace) and will be kept safe in a cold place until arrival of the animal owner.  SCHNAUZERL will try to contact the animal owner.


10. Legal domicile: For all resulting cases from eventual agreements the district court Bezirksgericht Seekirchen am Wallersee is accepted.