At SCHNAUZERL Hotel dogs and cats take their vacation while its master or mistress is going on vacation him-/ herself or when it is not possible for them to look after their pets themselves due to illness, cure, business trip or moving house.


The guests of the hotel will spend their stay in an atmosphere similar to their home which they are used to.  That is the reason why –if possible- all animals are kept in accommodations without being separated and without any kennels.  A varied animation program is being  provided, therefore none of the guests will be bored or even get homesick.


Just in case a quarantine station and a room for ill animals are available in the house.  These are separated hermetically from each other  and  have a run of their own.


After 3 years of planning SCHNAUZERL Hotel was built especially to meet the needs of animal care and has been officially opened on Oct.1st, 1998.  With its 550 square meters of living- and floor space and 3.000 square meters of free space the hotel has the capacity to accommodate up to 70 pets.


Regarding   outfit as well as service SCHNAUZERL Hotel is in no way inferior to a  “hotel for humans.”  Furnishings, operating order of events, organization,   service  and “fun factor” for our animal guests have been examined before and the results have been realized in this new building.


Due to the central location to Salzburg “The heart in the heart of Europe” it is possible to reach the house within a short time.