SCHNAUZERL Hotel exists since 1996 and has been approved by authorities.  It is a hotel for animals like dogs and cats. The house is located in a beautiful quiet area with a brook close-by in Neumarkt am Wallersee. The team of SCHNAUZERL Hotel  takes care of their hotel guests in a friendly manner and possesses years of  experience.


At SCHNAUZERL Hotel there are no kennels or boxes.  The guests live in large, bright, heated rooms which are furnished exclusively and comfortably with a leather sofa, TV, incidental music, floor heating, pictures on the walls and window decorations as well, so the animals will feel at home.

  • animals are being cared for 365 days a year around the clock
  • plenty of running space and loving care
  • professional care and feeding
  • large area for play and running free
  • keeping  in small groups, separate keeping is possible
  • units of play and cuddling and tidbits
  • clean and hygienic housing
  • fast medical supply

You are kindly invited to take a look at SCHNAUZERL Hotel.