Beauty dog

Let your dog be pampered during his stay at SCHNAUZERL Hotel in the „wellness- and beauty oasis“ to enjoy a high-quality treatment.  We will see to it that your dog will not only just look splendid but will smell real good as well and he will feel great.


Summary of treatments offered:

  • Brushing and removing old under-wool
  • Washing and drying
  • Cutting and trimming
  • Care of eyes and ears
  • Care of balls and claws

BEAUTY DOG in detail:


Brushing  and removing old under-wool: To determine the condition of fur and skin the dog will be brushed and combed. Based on these facts will follow the kind of care and the care products to be used.


Washing and drying:  At SCHNAUZERL Hotel we only use care products on a natural basis.  Principally the water for the bath is preheated.  According to weather  the dog  will be rubbed down and the fur will be blown dry.


Cutting and trimming: The haircut will be done according to your personal ideas.  If necessary the hair around the anus and genitals (hygiene) will be shortened.


Care of eyes and ears:  Eyes and ears will be cleaned.  If necessary hair around the eyes (reduction of sight) will be shortened.  Some breeds tend to have growth of hair in the outer auditory canal.  Preventive these hairs will be plucked out.


Care of balls and claws:  If necessary hairs between balls and/or claws (hindrance when walking) will be shortened.  Special attention will be given to thumb-claws and wolves-claws because they often tend to grow inward and then will cause pain.


The pricing is per 1/4 or 1/2 or 3/4 or hour (s),
regardless of which care is taken.